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Self Heating Thermal Mattress Bed for Dogs and Cats

$44.99 $79.99

Looking for a cozy self-heating bed for your cat or dog?

Look no further than the Self Heating Thermal Mattress Bed! Made with durable materials for repeated use, this non-leakage mattress uses aluminum insulation to self-heat - meaning no electricity or plugs are required!

All your pet needs to do is lie on the bed to stimulate the heating process and preserve its own body heat.

Perfect for long car rides, kenneling, or anywhere in your house. And when it comes time to clean, simply toss the whole bed in the wash.


Three (3) Benefits:

1- Keeps pets warm without electricity or plugs

2- Portable for travel

3- Easy to clean 2


User Reviews:


"My dog loves this bed! She's always so warm and snug after napping on it."



"I was worried my kitten wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it, but she took to it right away. Now she won't sleep anywhere else!"


Give your pet the gift of warmth this winter with the Self Heating Thermal Mattress Bed. Order yours today!

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