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41.5" x 72.5" x 47" Black Wood Steel Table


Impress your friends with your sense of taste and style with this lovely table, while embellishing your room simultaneously.

This table not only has a charming scandi design style but a powered coated finish and black color as well. It's truly exceptional and displays suave and down-to-earth beauty, which will give your home a warm feel.

Its appealing design will certainly be a delightful decoration for your interior too. It's an excellently crafted piece, made from high-grade wood steel.

Its expertly crafted, curved frame strikes a sophisticated balance between wood and metal. For commercial spaces, businesses, or homes, is a tour de force that will stand out in any space, the striking beauty and the distinctive character make them nicely everywhere.

Every piece in the series demonstrates elegance with a bold, beautiful, and mesmerizing statement.

As for measurements, they are :

*73 for height,

*70 for width, and

*70 for depth, and it

weighs 3.7 pounds.

You can match it with other pieces to get the perfect look for your place.

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